Learning To Not Confuse Relative Importance

Like, for instance, your theme.

Focus On Doing, Not On Planning

I tend to get really OCD about making choices over certain things. It took me forever to finally realize that I only needed a 3.5″ X5″ lined notebook that fits in my back pocket as a planner solution. The pages are completely open to customization, even on a daily basis. As I said in another post, I love the planners out there but all too often I wind up wasting time fiddling with their features rather than focusing on the reason I bought the thing in the first place. So, I walked away from planners for now, both printed and digital.

So, today I caught myself doing the back and forth thing over my theme for this blog.  Which is goofy. This particular blog is a test bed for learning the Wealthy Affiliate platform in detail so I finally came down on the idea of changing the theme often until I accidentally find that theme that makes the world make sense.

It’s The Message, Stupid

That ‘Stupid’ is aimed at myself, by the way. As in, “It’s the message, not the media,” when it comes to getting things done. Or, to put it another way, it is the plan, not the planner <it is written in>, that is important.

Anyhoo, this was just a quick shout out to my good friends in the work at home space. Also, I am trying to get back into the habit of blogging everyday. After years of pain, I am finally starting to have good days again after a hip replacement.

Just remember:   Busy work is seductive; it will eat your life.

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