2019 Resolutions

Frustrations Can Lead To Resolutions That Are Kept, 2019 Edition

Well, I started this post in one place mentally and would up in another.

Isn’t that the way it often goes?

The reason I say that is I had one of my fellow bloggers call me earlier this evening complaining about some things and, while I won’t call his name, I think it worth mentioning his complaints. I have seen them more than once myself in the far flung past.

Building a business is not going to be done

  • if you only work when you feel like it.
  • if your spouse, man or woman, feels like you are not paying attention to them enough because you are trying to build a business.
  • if you constantly allow your past failures to drive you to the opiates of well, real opiates or the even more addictive opiates of social media and prime time television.

Anyways, while I will revisit those issues in a minute, here are my resolutions, epiphanies and their genesis in the last 60 days:


  1. I need to blog for 120 days straight in 2019.
  2. My diet, for health reasons, needs to be vegetarian for a significant period of time.
  3. My mission is now two fold. I want to make 100 folks healthier and wealthier.

Why These Three Things Are Related.

I am going to blog for 120 days straight in 2019.

What this means, if you think about it, is if I miss one day, I have to start over. As this is the 15th of January, you’ve probably already guessed I have started over. More than once.

Why the magic of 120 days straight? Because I’ve had a number of conversations with some seriously successful men and women who have all had the same thing to say. Blogging seriously for 120 days straight establishes your blog with the search engines, establishes you as an expert in your readers eyes and makes what you can think of as indelible ink impressions of you and your business on the web and in your readers’ minds. Moderation here is not the key. Hardcore devotion for 120 days, is.

Now, naturally, you have to write something worth reading as well as play some simple search engine optimization games. That search engine optimization, or SEO as it is called, is why I am involved with Wealthy Affiliate. You need to go join because even the free resources can make you money. Too, trying to write 120 consecutive quality pieces without a break will take your knowledge to a different level. I’m not going to go so far as to say 120 pieces of cornerstone material, but way above the random post. Each post should actually have some actionable, value material for your readers. Video, which I am cataclysmically loathe to do, has to be a part of it, too.

Yup, video to me is like public speaking. Oh, well, time to cowboy up and act like I’m grown and all that.

I suppose that is enough painting myself into a corner where I have to fight my way out for one day. Why am I doing it? Because it is time to do this. For me and you, too.

Vegetarian Is The Way-For now.

Past excesses in my diet have caught up with me.

Yep, all those years of eating in order to feel better and not just live? I am paying for them. My stress test, my echocardiogram CAT scan all tell the tell. I have calcification in the heart.

Talk about a bad day.

Basically, on May 31st, 2014, I got hurt on the job. I tore both biceps loose at the elbow. These were what are called ‘distal’ ruptures. Only 3% of biceps ruptures are distal and I had two at one time. Those are what I think Vegas would call some very long odds. At the same time, I ruptured the cartilaginous boot around my left hip and hurt my lower back. My workers’ comp doctor at the time who worked on my biceps re-attachment and I laughed hard when we agreed I might as well have been hit by a truck with my cumulative injuries.

What was I doing? Lifting one of those heavy printers loaded with paper in the drawers. I had lifted printers like it a hundred times before. That day was just not my day. I often say I mistook one of my 50 year old days for one of my increasingly rare 20 year old days.

That mistake led to me sitting at home and enduring in a six month period the following surgeries:

  1. Reattachment of the Left bicep,
  2. Reattachment of the Right bicep,
  3. 4 kidney stone surgeries and
  4. Gallstones and gall bladder remove.

I also sat at home, not moving much, for the better part of a year. Just as a quick sidebar, you really find out if your wife loves you if you have both arms in casts and bandages. Just saying.

Moving on

Stop me if you’ve heard this. I’d rather wear out than rust out.

Well, folks, that is a true saying. I know, because in that near year of sitting home unable to move much, that magnificent strength (in my own mind, if not in reality) pretty much went by the boards. Formerly working out with dumbbells weighing up to 175 lbs. I found myself unable to even walk across a Walmart Supercenter or even help my sweetie bring the groceries in. It was a humbling experience. Honestly, all I wanted to do was find a hole and not interact much until the engine seize up I found myself in was complete.

That year of mostly immobility did not help my heart, either. My doctor’s report scared the hell out of me so I got real motivated to figure out what the hell could be done besides surgery. I’ve been cut on enough, see, so I wanted to know what, if anything could be done. I was 56 and my doc told me I was way too young to have heart disease. Well, in that, we were in full agreement.

The Science; The Hope

I must have had my head all the way up my nether regions to not know the current state of cardiac health.

Apparently, atherosclerosis is reversible.

Atherosclerosis is reversible if you are willing to do certain things, that is, like give up the foods that are choking your heart.

There’s a Dr. Eddleston that claims to have a 98+% cure and arresting of heart disease progression with true plant based nutrition. A none surgery protocol that has a 98+% success rate? Yessir, sign me up.

Now, naturally, there are other voices out there saying this or that, but his regime is documented and the science explained of why it works. Is it extreme? Yes. Is dying extreme? Yes, indeed. Is the mac and cheese pots I used to consume while lifting so heavily good? Yes. Good enough to die for? Nope. I also think I will succeed.

Here’s why. As I have tried to implement a no meat, dairy, egg or oil regime -succeeding some days, failing miserably on others- I made a discovery.

The foods I thought I needed make me feel like hell all the way through. It is not an exaggeration to say the foods I loved before now make me feel more than just a little physically ill; they cause pain. I still love them but I am developing an aversion to them from the feedback my body gives me.

I can get full on fruits and veggies and be able to quit eating. If I slip up, and I do, I surely do, and eat even a slightly significant portion of meat and cheese I  completely slammed energy wise. A plateful of kimchi and grilled bok choy with some seasoning and I am here, blogging fit to split. When I eat vegetarian, I don’t get short of breath. The weight is coming off, too, even though I eat as much as I want. Adding vitamin K2 and IP6 have made huge impacts in my feelings of wellbeing, too.

Healthier and Wealthier

The businesses in which I am involved are proven. I will not waste the time to justify them. My focus is on promoting how they can make folks lives, relationships and whatever business they are involved in better and more profitable. American made, the products create jobs and profits here at home and directly in your own community. Another of the folks I consider a mentor posted a meme on Facebook (social media is somethingfrom which I am currently engaged in an arm’s length relationship simple because of the noise level.) The meme said something like, “Don’t use people to build your business; use your business to build people.”  I also think it a good thing if you have a product that can genuinely help folks to build their current business and strengthen the relationships they have with their customer base in a low key, low pressure, James Dean cool kind of way.

I’ve also come to the realization that as much as I love to do things online, part of my intensity of working online has been a crutch to avoid being active in promoting myself to those I interact with on a daily basis. Stick your hand out and say, “I think I can help you.” You’ll be surprised at the results.

I am satisfied that I am where I need to be, doing what I need to do. Being able to say that took a hell of a long time and an even longer road, but like I tell my sweetheart to whom I proposed when I was 49, however long the road and however hard the turns in that road, it was worth it.

See you tomorrow, on one or the other of my various blogs.

Best Regards as always,

Tim Singleton



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